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EricMPetroff Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2014
I'm in love now
AleG Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2014
Fabulous gallery :happybounce: Clap 
StarHeartCustoms Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You should do Legend Of Korra cosplay.
Crosziera Featured By Owner May 8, 2014
Second to none, he who will own you will be the luckiest man on earth
BunnyKick Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2014  Student Digital Artist
You're so perfect......
Darkinata Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Stunning Cosplay! 8D
Aussiebatman Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2013
God must of been in a good mood the day he made you cause you are absolutely stunning!
WOW! Awesome cosplay! Really love your work. Can't wait to see what you do next!
Sbstrollerpadawan Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Wow. Such amazingness, such perfection, such style!! Oh my! You are simply magnifique at your cosplaying!!
Not just that, the most gorgeous person doing the most gorgeous cosplay of some of the most gorgeous characters...
Oh my *o*
EmeraldEmpress777 Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2013
You are absolutely beautiful and I love your cosplays!
bufaroo Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2013
I can't handle how perfect everything is! And that you choose to cosplay characters like megara! Amazing
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